Yinka Elujoba

On my last day in Mozart's city a woman told me a story about mirrors. In earlier times, during the winter, the alps surrounding the city cast long shadows on the streets, so that the city appeared to be in perpetual darkness. The persistent darkness made the city's inhabitants depressed and eventually many began to take their own lives. They would climb to the top of the city's tall, beautiful buildings or mountains and jump down. Someone suggested to the city government what was an unlikely solution: large, circular mirrors installed on the streets. The government agreed to try it out. The mirrors were installed to reflect the sunlight, and to let the people see their own reflection. This, the woman said, was what saved the city.

It is true, darling—a mirror can determine the course of a life. Don't you know? When I think of you, what I hope for is to become the image I see in this mirror your love holds up to me.

03:39am on 05, January 2019


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